QR PROJECT (Expedient Nº PI13/00464) 

Optical recognition technologies applied to the traceability and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) of parenteral nutrient mixtures.

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Parenteral nutrient (PN) mixtures, during their preparation, storage, distribution, and administration, are exposed to microbiological, phisical, and chemical contamination risks. Therefore, these mixtures must be put under severe control mechanisms, as the consequences of these hazards may result in serious damage to patients health.

Objetive: To establish the Traceability control of the process and to determine the hazards required to fully characterize. And to, consequently, implement the system of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). And as a result, to establish the quality management throughout the entire process.

Purpose of the project: This project aims to generate a computerized and holistic control system to verificate the entire process of production and distribution of Parenteral Nutrition(PN) mixtures. This procedure will be delivered as stated and recommended in the document entitled “Consenso español sobre la preparación de mezclas nutrientes parenterales” by the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy in 2008. This document is in line with the Law 29/2006, of 26th July, on guarantees and rational use of medicines and health products.

11 March 2018